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Need help in keeping the economy on a downward trajectory? Then you have come to the right article on the internet. Here we have provided a Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds PDF.

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Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds Of Economic Policy PDF Description:


“Here, Warren Mosler identifies and debunks seven entrenched ideas keeping the economy in a downward trajectory. In this book, he exposes commonly-held beliefs, such as ‘deficits leave the debt burden to our children’ and ‘Social Security is broken,’ to be economic myths. In addition to correcting these mindsets, Mosler promotes restoring the American economy with practical and feasible proposals. Along the way, he explains the operational realities of the monetary system in clear, down-to-earth language”–Book jacket.

About Author:

Warren Mosler is a rare bird: a self-taught economist who is not a crank; a successful investor who is not a blowhard; a businessperson with a talent for teaching; a financier with a genuine commitment to the public good.

Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds PDF Content:

Part I: The Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds
Part II: The Age of Discovery
Part III: Public Purpose


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