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About R134a r Fridge Rate Chart

What is R134a r Fridge Gas??

R134a is a common refrigerant utilized in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It is an HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) and a substitute for R12 (CFC), which was restricted due to its ozone depletion potential. R134a has zero ozone depletion possibility, but it is still a greenhouse gas, and its use is regulated.

We deal in R134A refrigerant gas. R134a, also known as
tetrafluoroethane (CF3CH2F), belongs to the class of HFC refrigerants. After realizing the negative consequences on the ozone layer of CFCs and HCFC refrigerants on the ozone layer, HFC refrigerants have been extensively used as a replacement.

R134 is the name of a refrigerant gas utilized to cool refrigerators that are used in homes. Because of this gas, the food items and other items kept in the refrigerator are chilled. This gas is employed in refrigerators, deep freezers, and so on. Due to its high pressure, it assists in the quick cooling of things.

What is the use of the R134a r Fridge Rate Chart?

R134 gas is utilized in appliances like freezers, water coolers, freezer freezers, etc. In some examples, this gas is used in large devices that cool water and other things.

R134 is a standard element in the latest products available in 2022 compared to prior years since its consumption is large compared to other gases. It is readily available in every refrigerant store.

What are the benefits of R134a r Fridge Gas?

The gas was previously known to carry the risk of igniting; however, by using it, the fire risk has been reduced substantially since the gas isn’t flammable.
If there’s a possibility that gas inside the fridge is leaking, there isn’t any risk from this. Since R134 is the only gas utilized in air conditioners available on the market, this gas is used in all automobiles on roads with AC installed.

Major Properties of R-134a Refrigerant

  • Boiling point: -14.9°F (-26.1°C)
  • Critical temperature: 252°F (122°C)
  • Auto ignition temperature: 1,418°F (770°C)
  • Ozone depletion level (ODL):
  • Global warming potential (GWP): 1,430

What is the difference between R134a and R600a?

R600a and R600aR134a are the newest refrigerants on the market that are replacing the earlier R22 and R12. They are the latest generation of refrigerators that do not harm the environment.
R-134a is well-known and tested. However, it is also a potential cause of global warming.
The R-600a (not 600A, it’s the difference) (not 600A, there’s a difference) Isobutane. Similar to the pressure/temperature profile of the 134A model, quite efficient but has no ODP or GWP. A low charge is possible in some instances but (obviously) extremely inflammable.

Price of R134a

Specific Name R134A
Packaging Type Cylinder
Type HFCs
Packaging Size 10 Kg, 62 Kg
Brand Freon
Price ₹ 590/ Kg

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