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Content of Pradeep Physics Class 11 pdf

Volume I

  • Unit 0: Mathematical Tools
  • Unit 1: Physical World and Measurement
  • Model Test Papers 1 & 2 (Unit 0 to 5)
  • Unit 2: Kinematics
  • Unit 3: Law of Motion
  • Answers and Hints to Model Test Papers 1& 2
  • Unit 4: Work, Energy, and Power
  • Unit 5: System of Particles and Rotational Motion

Volume II

  • Unit 6: Gravitation
  • Unit 7: Properties of Bulk Matter
  • Model Test Papers 3 & 4 (Unit 6 to 10)
  • Unit 8: Thermodynamics
  • Unit 9: Behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory
  • Answers and Hints to Model Test Papers 3 & 4
  • Unit 10: Oscillations and Waves
  • Log Tables

About the Pradeep Physics class 11 pdf

  • Book Name – Pradeep Publications New Course Physics for Class 11 (Vol. 1 & 2) Examination 2021-22
  • Author-K.L. Gomber, K.L. Gogia
  • Format– PDF
  • Size– 123 MB
  • Page- 1236
  • Subject– Physics
  • Language– English
  • Publication- Pradeep Publications

Features of the Book Pradeep Physics class 11 pdf

  • The fundamental feature of the book is that it separates the points into essential ideas and expands on them
  • Pradeep Physics class 11 pdf covers the whole prospectus of the eleventh class of CBSE with extremely straightforward language
  • Pradeep Physics class 11 pdf is particularly valuable for the understudies who are showing up for cutthroat tests like JEE, NEET, IIT-JEE, State level tests like EAMCET, Ajay and other state-level clinical and designing selection tests
  • The book gives a point by point clarification of the themes that are canvassed in the prospectus
  • Pradeep Physics class 11 pdf is composed by a group of subject specialists
  • The book gives the idea of learning by understanding the fundamental ideas in a definite way

Pro features of this Pradeep Physics pdf

  • The book is stunning, awesome of its sort. I wound up engaged in it beginning to end it actually lives on in my contemplations.
  • The book is recorded on Amazon and has incredible audits that cover its advantages and disadvantages.
  • The book is great and it covers each of the focuses that were referenced.
  • It really follows through on the guarantee of its caption. It investigates the rudiments of all parts of life and gives counsel on the best way to be effective in all spaces.

Here we have provided a direct link to Pradeep Biology Class 11 pdf

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Physical world Click Here
Physical world Part – 2 Click Here
Unit Dimensions and Measurement Click Here
Motion In One Dimension Click Here
Motion In Two Dimension Click Here
Laws Of Motion Click Here
Work Energy Power And Collision Click Here
Rotational Motion Click Here
Gravitation Click Here
Elasticity Click Here
Surface Tension (Theory) Click Here
Surface Tension (Practice Problem) Click Here
Fluid Mechanics (Practice Problem) Click Here
Thermodynamics Click Here
Simple Harmonic Motion Click Here
Wave Motion View Pdf
Electrostatics Click Here
Electrostatics Formula Click Here
Current Electricity Click Here
Formulas in Current Electricity Click Here
Magnetic Effect of Current Click Here
EMI and AC Open PDF
Electron Photon and X-ray Click Here
Nuclear Physics Click Here
Ray Optics Click Here
Wave Optics Click Here
Solid and Semiconductor Click Here
Atomic Structure Click Here

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