IIT Chemistry Handwritten Notes Sunil Nain Sir Download PDF

Chemistry handwritten notes book pdf with formula book pdf with mind map and cheat book for chemistry for class 11 and class 12 formula free PDF download by Sunil nain.

Understanding IIT Chemistry Handwritten Notes by Sunil Nain Sir of BE WISE Classes for NEET and JEE Free PDF Download is an awesome book for serious assessments. Sunil Nain Sir handwritten notes is perhaps the most alluded books by JEE and NEET Students. Because of its detailed theory, hypothesis and delightful ideas understudy follows this book. The vast majority of the understudies feel challenges in getting Chemistry.

Chemistry Handwritten Notes from BEWISE Classes

Here we have provided the best IIT Chemistry Handwritten Notes Sunil Nain Sir from BEWISE Classes.

S.NO Chapter Download
1 Mole concept Download
2 Atomic Structure Download
3 Periodic Table Download
4 Chemical Bonding Download
5 Gaseous state Download
6 Thermodynamics and thermochemistry Download
7 Chemical Equilibrium Download
8 Ionic Equilibrium Download
9 S block elements Download
10 Boron and carbon family Download
11 Redox Reaction Download
12 P block group – 15, 16, 17, 18 Download
13 D & f block elements Download
14 Coordination Compounds Download
15 IUPAC Nomenclature Download
16 Isomerism Download
17 GOC I Download
18 GOC II Download
19 Chemical Kinetics Download
20 Electrochemistry Download
21 Solutions Download
22 Hydrocarbons Download
23 Halogen Derivatives Download
24 Alcohol, Phenol & Ether Download
25 Aldehyde and Ketone Download
26 N – containing compounds Download
27 Solid State Download
28 Important organic conversions Download

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