Apni Kaksha Class 12 Physics Notes Book PDF Free Download

Class 12 Physics is very important for understanding the advanced concept of the Physics and physics is very important for all the engineering and medical students and for passing the science stream subject of class 11 and 12 learning the Physics is very important and physics formula is really very important for understanding it so you may download the apni kaksha class notes for physics and for getting good marks in your CBSE board examination.

Apni Kaksha Notes PDF Physics Class 12 PDF is class 12 Physics notes which you can download completely for free from our website. This Apni kaksha notes pdf is based on the NCERT syllabus and has been created by the toppers of the science stream. Apni Kaksha is a platform that provides good quality education to students for free so that they can do something good in the future.

Apni Kaksha Notes PDF Download Links :


Here we provided the direct links to Apni Kaksha Notes PDF in the below table.

Chapter Name Download Link
Electric Charges and Field Get PDF
Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance Get PDF
Current Electricity Get PDF
Moving Charges and Magnetism Get PDF
Electromagnetic Induction Get PDF
Magnetism and Matter Get PDF
Alternating Current Get PDF
Electromagnetic Waves Get PDF
Ray optics and optical instruments Get PDF
Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Get PDF
Atoms Get PDF

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These Apni Kaksha Notes PDF Physics Class 12 are prepared by Aman Dhattarwal. He is an Indian YouTuber, Public Speaker, Influencer, professional advisor, and instructor. He is likewise the organizer of “Apni Kaksha” Btech in IT from NSIT. Aman is notable for his instructive and for his motivational videos, which he shares on his YouTube channel.

Students preparing for class 12 can download free Apni Kaksha Notes PDF Physics Class 12 from the links provided below.

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