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All the students of CBSE and state board examination of India who is preparing for engineering or medical examination may download this free op Tandon chemistry book PDF for solving the conceptual question in an objective way which enhance the understanding of the students for understanding the chemistry concept.

Download All OP Tandon Chemistry Books pdf for the preparation for the upcoming IIT JEE and NEET exams. Inorganic, Organic, Physical Chemistry. OP Tandon Chemistry Books pdf Download. Aspirants preparing for IIT JEE and NEET must download GRB OP Tandon Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JEE pdf. OP Tandon Organic Chemistry book recommends as the best book for Inorganic Chemistry preparation for IIT JEE and NEET.

Download All the books of Chemistry by OP Tandon including Physical , Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Books – Download PDF for FREE. Download OP Tandon Organic Chemistry PDF – “A Textbook of Organic Chemistry” For NEET and all other Competitive entrance examinations. GRB Organic Chemistry.

Download OP Tandon Physical Chemistry PDF – “A Textbook of Physical Chemistry” For Competition by OP Tandon and AS Singh and published by GRB Publications. Download Free OP Tandon Chemistry Book (PDF). The book covers a wide range of topics in chemistry.

OP Tandon is a well-known name in the field of Chemistry. His Concepts and theory cover all the details related to a particular topic. OP Tandon makes inorganic Chemistry very easy to understand and attractive for students preparing for IIT JEE and NEET.

Contents/Chapters of the book

1. Introduction
2. Structure of the Atom
Aliphatic Compounds:
3. Aliphatic Compounds
4. Paraffins
5. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
6. Halogen Derivatives of the Paraffins
7. Monohydric Alcohols
8. Ethers
9. Aldehydes and Ketones
10. Fatty Acids
11. Tautomerism
12. Polyhydric Alcohols
13. Unsaturated Alcohols, Ether, Carbonyl Compounds and Acids
14. Nitrogen Compounds
15. Aliphatic Compounds of Sulphur, Phosphorus, Arsenic and Silicon
16. Organo-Metallic Compounds
17. Saturated Dicarboxylic Acids
18. Hydroxyacids, Stereochemistry
19. Carbohydrates
20. Alicyclic Compounds
Aromatic Hydrocarbons
21. Simple Aromatic Hydrocarbons
22. Aromatic Halogen Compounds
23. Aromatic Nitro-Compounds
24. Aromatic Amino-Compounds
25. Diazonium Saltsand their Related Compounds
26. Sulphonic Acids
27. Phenols
28. Alcohols, Aldehydes, Ketones and Quinones
29. Aromatic Acids
30. Polynuclear Hydrocarbons and their Derivatives
Heterocyclic Compounds:
31. Heterocyclic Compounds
32. Dyes

Features of OP Tandon Chemistry Books pdf

  • OP Tandon Chemistry pdf covers all the theoretical and numerical problems.
  • GRB OP Tandon Chemistry pdf contains a different section for both theoretical and numerical problems for every chapter.
  • OP Tandon Physical Chemistry contains concepts from beginners to advance levels.
  • It is based on the latest pattern released by NTA.
  • This OP Tandon Book covers all the syllabus from physical chemistry.
  • It also covers all the problems and topics from every chapter related to IIT JEE and NEET.
  • OP Tandon Physical chemistry contains numerous solved numerical, practice papers, a log table, and an anti log table.

OP Tandon Chemistry pdf download

We have given here the best quality and dynamic PDF to download.

Subjects covered in the book are:

  • Basic Principles
  • Atomic Structure
  • Radioactivity and Nuclear Transformation
  • States of Matter
  • Solutions (General and Colligative Properties)
  • The Colloidal State
  • Chemical Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Ionic Equilibrium
  • Oxidation and Reduction (Redox Reactions)
  • Electrochemistry
  • Adsorption and Catalysis
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Stoichiometry (Chemical Formulae and Equations)

OP Tandon Inorganic Chemistry pdf

OP Tandon Organic Chemistry pdf

Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon pdf

Chapter 1. Basic Principles

Chapter 2. Atomic Structure

Chapter 3- Radioactivity and Nuclear Transformation

Chapter 4. States of Matter

Chapter 5. Solutions – General and Colligative Properties

Chapter 6. The Colloidal State

Chapter 7. Chemical Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry

Chapter 8. Chemical Kinetics

Chapter 9. Chemical Equilibrium

Chapter 10. Ionic Equilibrium

Chapter 11- Oxidation and Reduction- Redox Reactions

Chapter 12. Electrochemistry

Chapter 13- Adsorption and Catalysis

Chapter 14- Volumetric Analysis

Chapter 15. Stoichiometry -Chemical Formulae and Equations

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