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Aakash complete study material and classroom study material module book pdf free download for engineering and mathematics background students and those who wants to get good marks in your CBSE board examination download the physics chemistry biology and mathematics Aakash Institute module Aakash Baiju Institute free PDF download.

Download Aakash Module pdf for the preparation of JEE Mains, Advanced, and NEET. Aakash Module pdf provides students a boost for the preparation of JEE and NEET.

Aakash institute module solutions pdf contains study notes, shortcuts, practice questions, previous model papers, tips, and tricks to help students prepare for JEE and NEET. Download Aakash module pdf to enhance students’ performance to boost up their results and rank in JEE and NEET.

In this post, we have provided Aakash chemistry module pdf neet, Aakash physics module pdf, Aakash biology module pdf neet, Aakash botany module pdf for your best shot for IIT JEE and NEET.

Here we have provided the direct links to the Aakash Module pdf. Download Aakash Module pdf and boost up your result and Score.

Aakash chemistry Module pdf NEET


S.NO Aakash Chemistry Modules 11th DOWNLOAD LINKS
1 Some Basic Concepts Of Chemistry Download
2 Structure Of Atom Download
3 Classification Of Elements And Periodicity Download
4 Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure Download
5 States Of Matter Download
6 Thermodynamics Download
7 Equilibrium Download
8 Redox Reactions Download
9 Hydrogen Download
10 S-Block Elements Download
11 P-Block Elements Download
12 Organic Chemistry Download
13 Qualitative And Quantitative Analysis Download
14 Hydrocarbons Download
15 Environmental Chemistry Download

Aakash Chemistry Module pdf NEET Class 12th

S.NO Aakash Chemistry Modules 12th DOWNLOAD LINKS
1 Solid State Download
2 Solutions Download
3 Electrochemistry Download
4 Chemical Kinetics Download
5 Surface Chemistry Download
6 Coordination Compounds Download
7 Metallurgy Download
8 P Block Elements Download
9 D & F Block Elements Download
10 Haloalkanes And Haloarenes Download
11 Alcohols, Phenols & Ethers Download
12 Aldehydes, Ketones, And Carboxylic Acids Download
13 Amines Download
14 Biomolecules Download
15 Polymers Download
16 Chemistry In Everyday Life Download

Aakash Physics Module pdf

S.NO Aakash Physics Modules 11th DOWNLOAD LINKS
1 Physical World Download
2 Units And Dimensions Download
3 Motion In A Straight Line Download
4 Motion In A Plane Download
5 Laws Of Motion Download
6 Work, Energy And Power Download
7 System Of Particles Download
8 Gravitation Download
9 Mechanical Properties Of Solids Download
10 Mechanical Properties Of Fluids Download
11 Thermal Properties Of Matter Download
12 Thermodynamics Download
13 Kinetic Theory Download
14 Oscillations Download
15 Waves Download

Aakash Physics Module pdf Class 12th

S.NO Aakash Physics Modules 12th DOWNLOAD LINKS
1 Electric Charges & Fields Download
2 Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance Download
3 Current Electricity Download
4 Moving Charges And Magnetism Download
5 Magnetism And Matter Download
6 Electromagnetic Induction Download
7 Alternating Current Download
8 Electromagnetic Waves Download
9 Ray Optics & Optical Instruments Download
10 Wave Optics Download
11 Dual Nature Of Matter Download
12 Atoms Download
13 Nuclei Download
14 Semiconductor Electronics Download
15 Communication Systems Download

Aakash Biology Module pdf NEET

S.NO Aakash Biology Modules 2021 DOWNLOAD LINKS
1 The Living World Download
2 Biological Classification Download
3 Plant Kingdom Download
4 Morphology Of Flowering Plants Download
5 Anatomy Of Flowering Plants Download
6 Cell: The Unit Of Life Download
7 Cell Cycle And Cell Division Download
8 Photosynthesis In Higher Plants Download
9 Respiration In Plants Download
10 Animal Kingdom Download
11 Structural Organisation In Animals Download
12 Biomolecules Download
13 Digestion And Absorption Download

Aakash Botany Module pdf

Subject Download Link
Aakash Botany Study Package 1 Download Now
Aakash Botany Study Package 2 Download Now
Aakash Botany Study Package 3 Download Now
Aakash Botany Study Package 4 Download Now
Aakash Botany Study Package 5 Download Now

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